5 For the Arts

5 for the Arts is a special circle of arts-minded individuals that will be dedicated to providing core financial support to the Naples Art Association as it grants a home and resources to our youth and aging populations, persons with special needs, and local artists. Each generous individual who commits to 5 for the Arts will gift a tax-deductible amount of $500 for each of the next 5 years. Our goal for this important group is 500 donors. You will receive a personalized name tag honoring your commitment while ensuring the next era of the Naples Art Association, one that’s set to spark a brighter arts community for all. To ensure a fit that is right for you, we are offering three different ways to make your donation: Annually ($500), Quarterly ($125 per quarter) or Monthly ($41.67 per month).

Your donation at the 5 for the Arts level awards you some thank yous, including the NARM/ROAM reciprical which allows you to enjoy complimentary entry to over 800 museums and cultural organization through the US, Canada and some international countires.  You will be the first to receive all information on events and programs before the general public, you will receive special pricing on programming if applicable. In addition, you will receive a 10% discount on purchases in our gift shop, Originals and at Koenig's Art Emporium. If you are an artist, you have the opportunity to showcase your work in any of our NAA hosted exhibtions and be welcomed at all receptions for you and your immediate family. Finally, you will have your own 5 for the Arts name tag to proudly wear at all NAA functions. More importantly, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your investment in the community's art center will be appreciated for generations. When you 

When you make your annual donation, you will receive an updated ID card. For planning purposes, it is most helpful to make donations between October 1 and December 31st. We do accept donations all year long. 

We encourage you to carry your ID card when engaging in events or programs at the Naples Art Association.